NECG experts
Edward Kee - NECG CEO and Principal ConsultantEdward Kee
CEO and Principal Consultant
Edward Kee is an expert in nuclear economics. Mr. Kee provides advice to governments, investors, regulators, regulated and unregulated electricity companies, nuclear companies and other parties.
Askar Batyrbayev - NECG AffiliateAskar Batyrbayev
NECG Affiliate
Askar Batyrbayev is an expert in uranium commercial operations, marketing, sales and logistics. Mr. Batyrbayev served as CCO of the largest uranium producer in the world and has more than 15 years of experience in the nuclear industry.
Edward Davis - NECG AffiliateEdward Davis
NECG Affiliate
Edward Davis is a subject matter expert on technology & risk assessments, nuclear energy development, nuclear fuel cycle economics, uranium enrichment, project finance, NRC regulation, and spent fuel / nuclear waste.
Daniel Dean - NECG AffiliateDaniel Dean
NECG Affiliate
Daniel Dean is a financial advisory expert with infrastructure project, power/utilities and oil & gas sector experience and project finance, financial modeling, risk allocation, economic and electricity market analysis expertise.
Amjad Ghori - NECG AffiliateAmjad Ghori
NECG Affiliate
Amjad Ghori is a Financial Advisory Executive with power sector banking and development finance experience. He served as a UK Expert Finance Working Group member on the development and deployment of Small Modular Reactors.
Margaret Harding - NECG AffiliateMargaret Harding
NECG Affiliate
Margaret Harding advises clients on quality, regulatory, technical, and business issues within the nuclear industry. Margaret worked for GE for 27 years departing as Vice President of Engineering Quality in their Nuclear Energy division.
Melissa Hersh - NECG AffiliateMelissa Hersh
NECG Affiliate
Melissa Hersh is an expert in risk and threat analysis, strategic planning, thought leadership, and industrial control systems cyber security risk, and related issues for the energy and electricity sectors.
Melissa Hersh - NECG AffiliateEng. Collins Juma
NECG Affiliate
Eng. Collins Juma, with knowledge in nuclear and energy sectors, has served in Kenya’s Energy Sector for the last 30 years, most recently as CEO of the Kenya Nuclear Power and Energy Agency.
Andrew Kadak, Ph.D. - NECG AffiliateAndrew Kadak, Ph.D.
NECG Affiliate
Dr. Kadak’s expertise ranges from nuclear operations, design, licensing, advanced and small modular reactors, nuclear waste storage and disposal as well as decommissioning. He serves on safety review boards and as advisor dealing with technical regulatory problems.
Ruediger Koenig - NECG AffiliateRuediger Koenig
NECG Affiliate
Ruediger (Rudy) Koenig has extensive international experience in clean energy. In nuclear, he has been responsible for suppliers in the front and back-end and decommissioning, and helped a large utility investor develop, implement and ultimately sell several nuclear new build projects.
Daniel Lipman - NECG Affiliate

Daniel Lipman
NECG Affiliate
Dan Lipman is a nuclear industry executive with background in global operations, supply chain, technology transfer, EPC, and project management. Experienced in nuclear fuel cycle and associated policy/commercial issues and in emerging nuclear markets in Middle East, Asia and Eastern Europe.
Joseph Mik - NECG Joseph Mik
NECG Affiliate
Based in Frankfurt, Germany, Joseph Mik works on infrastructure development as advisor donors, public utilities, governments and engineering firms. Generation projects include hydro, thermal, solar, wind, biomass, hydrogen fuel cells and batteries.
Alex Michshenko - NECG AffiliatePaul Murphy
NECG Affiliate
Paul Murphy is an expert on developing and financing nuclear power projects, representing governments/developers/owners, lenders, investors, technology providers, and contractors.
Carlos Pabon-Agudelo - NECG AffiliateCarlos Pabon-Agudelo
NECG Affiliate
Carlos Pabon-Agudelo is an expert in utility regulation, market restructuring, structure and implementation of commercial and financing strategies, and assessment of liability and damages in litigation and international disputes.
Fabienne Pehuet - NECG AffiliateFabienne Pehuet
NECG Affiliate
Fabienne Pehuet is an expert in Energy Policy / Strategy, Nuclear Economics, Nuclear Program Development, Nuclear Industry / Supply Chain, Nuclear Waste Management, Decommissioning, Nuclear Power Plant Projects, Nuclear Fuel Cycle, and Uranium Mining.
John Warden - NECG AffiliateJohn Warden
NECG Affiliate
Based in the UK, John Warden is an expert in structuring and financing nuclear projects, with special interest in SMR and advanced reactor technologies, as well as advising on skills and strategic workforce development in the nuclear and engineering construction sectors.

Nuclear Economics Consulting Group (NECG) Affiliates are independent contractors to NECG and no employment or agency relationship exists between an Affiliate and NECG.