Fabienne Pehuet, NECG Affiliate

Fabienne Pehuet Lucet – NECG Affiliate

Fabienne provides consulting Strategy and Development Services to companies in various industries; a sizeable part of her work relates to the nuclear and other power generation industry value chain.  She is a Nuclear Markets and Projects Expert with 30 years’ experience in the industry.

Fabienne Pehuet detailed CV (PDF)

Fabienne’s experience in the nuclear power industry business dates from 1990 when she joined Cogema.  With AREVA until 2012, she held senior management  positions with global responsibilities in Strategy, Finance, Marketing, Large Projects and Offers, and International Partnerships.  She developed a keen expertise in energy policies and all areas of nuclear industry, fuel cycle, nuclear power projects and the related supply chain.

Financing Energy infrastructure Projects is a mature area of her expertise.

From 1990 until 2001, she contributed to all strategic issues related to COGEMA main business lines, including uranium mines closures (France) or development (Canada, Kazakhstan), change of industrial process for uranium enrichment, back end strategies for Spent Nuclear Fuel, fuel manufacturing plants etc…

From 2003 until 2008, she led the Marketing of new group AREVA formed in 2001 with COGEMA, Framatome, Siemens nuclear, Technicatome and T&D as CMO (with a 200 staff globally). Her action was decisive in positioning AREVA as a global player on the international nuclear markets: nuclear technology and fuel cycle industry.

In 2007 she initiated the AREVA Partnership proposition for large nuclear projects. She led the extensive localization and partnership program presented to South Africa as part of the 2007 (Nuclear One and fleet) tender. Similar programs were developed with the UK and other countries, all adapted to the local context for the nuclear project development; Fabienne became more familiar with the nuclear industry supply chain and institutional players in many countries and internationally.

After 2012, she provided advice in areas directly related to this engagement, of which: several assignments on nuclear waste and Decommissioning and Dismantling markets in France and in the EU (27 countries) and for new build nuclear projects (UAE, Saudi Arabia) as NECG team member.

Fabienne provides expertise and training to IISS, the IAEA (of which Financial Analysis of Energy Projects) and teaches the Master’s Course “Nuclear Economics” at University Paris Dauphine. She authored reference articles about “Financing nuclear power projects” , published by IFRI (2015) and JWELB (2019) and gave multiple presentations for a variety of audiences (IAEA, SFEN, OECD/NEA, FRS…).

Contact at fpl@nuclear-economics.com

Recent Publications:

Financing Nuclear Power Plants Projects: A new paradigm?
July 2015; Centre Énergie de l’Ifri / Ifri Center for Energy

Conditions and Possibilities for Financing New Nuclear Power Plants.
March 2019; The Journal of World Energy Law & Business (2019) 12 (1): 21-35;
Oxford University Press.