Nuclear Economics Consulting Group (NECG)

NECG provides advice and strategy on economic and business issues facing the nuclear power industry, with a focus on the interaction between nuclear power and the electricity industry.

NECG capabilities range from nuclear power project procurement and financing to nuclear waste strategies.

Insightful analyses of nuclear project economics are needed to:

  • Evaluate new nuclear project business models and financing approaches
  • Structure nuclear projects, PPAs and related arrangements
  • Support positions in nuclear industry legal and regulatory disputes
  • Review government and regulator decisions about nuclear power projects
  • Develop and implement effective nuclear industry strategies

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  • More SMR vendor design reviews for CNSC February 20, 2018
    The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission is to conduct pre-licensing vendor design reviews (VDR) of small modular reactor designs from NuScale Power and Westinghouse Electric Company. The reviews of the NuScale SMR and Westinghouse's eVinci micro reactor will incorporate the first two phases of the VDR process.
  • Restart of Genkai 3 moves closer with fuel loading February 20, 2018
    Kyushu Electric Power Company today began loading fuel into the core of unit 3 at its Genkai nuclear power plant in Japan's Saga prefecture. The reactor, together with unit 4, is expected to be restarted later this year.
  • EDF sees 2018 as 'year of the rebound' for finances February 20, 2018
    EDF expects its profit to bounce back this year thanks to higher power prices and increased availability of its French nuclear units following prolonged stoppages for safety inspections in 2017.