Nuclear Economics Consulting Group (NECG)

NECG provides advice and strategy on economic and business issues facing the nuclear power industry, with a focus on the interaction between nuclear power and the electricity industry.

NECG capabilities range from nuclear power project procurement and financing to nuclear waste strategies.

Insightful analyses of nuclear project economics are needed to:

  • Evaluate new nuclear project business models and financing approaches
  • Structure nuclear projects, PPAs and related arrangements
  • Support positions in nuclear industry legal and regulatory disputes
  • Review government and regulator decisions about nuclear power projects
  • Develop and implement effective nuclear industry strategies

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  • Macron: Europe must prioritise emission reductions April 24, 2018
    The European Union must ensure it retains sovereignty over energy and climate, French President Emmanuel Macron told the European Parliament last week. Reducing emissions must remain a priority for Europe, and replacing phased-out nuclear plants with coal would not achieve this, he warned.
  • Bruce Power signs advanced manufacturing contracts April 24, 2018
    Bruce Power has signed CAD914 million (USD712 million) in advanced manufacturing contracts for its major component replacement that starts in 2020 and will allow the site to provide low-cost, carbon-free electricity to Ontario to 2064. Announcing the deals yesterday, Bruce Power said its Life-Extension Programme - which includes the MCRs on units 3-8 - remains […]
  • Commitment to safety at Ghanaian research reactor April 24, 2018
    The operator of the Ghana Research Reactor, known as GHARR-1, has shown a high commitment to safety following the conversion of the reactor core to use low-enriched uranium as fuel instead of high-enriched uranium, according to the International Atomic Energy Agency. It made a number of recommendations to the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission to further […]