Nuclear Economics Consulting Group (NECG)

  • Applies in-depth analysis to complex economic and other nuclear industry challenges
  • Delivers client results based on analytical rigor informed by real-world experience
  • Provides unmatched nuclear industry expertise and experience
  • Applies deep and broad nuclear industry capabilities to client work
  • Collaborates with other firms to provide nuclear industry expertise

Nuclear Industry

Barra do Corda National nuclear programs, electricity industry reform, and nuclear fuel cycle approaches

Nuclear Business / Transactions New nuclear projects, business models, strategies, and due diligence

Special Projects

Expert testimony, financial viability / bankability, PPAs, and other project contracts


WNN Current News

RSS World Nuclear News

  • Final Japanese research reactor to convert to LEU 29 September 2022
    Japan's last high-enriched uranium-fuelled research reactor is to be converted to low-enriched uranium fuel under a new agreement between the US Department of Energy National Nuclear Security Administration and Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.  
  • MoltexFLEX launches flexibly-operated molten salt reactor 29 September 2022
    Moltex Energy Limited subsidiary MoltexFLEX has launched its FLEX molten salt reactor that, through flexible operation and the use of thermal storage technology, can support intermittent renewable energy through its rapid responsiveness to changes in demand.
  • Nuclear 'gaining traction' as option in many African countries, says IAEA 29 September 2022
    Discussions with ministers from several African countries have been held at the International Atomic Energy Agency General Conference about nuclear power's potential role in helping economic development and water supply while also mitigating climate change as it provides clean and reliable energy.
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