Nuclear Economics Consulting Group (NECG) applies in-depth analysis to complex economic, business, regulatory, financial, geopolitical, and other challenges related to nuclear economics and the nuclear industry. Our work is based on analytical rigor and objectivity informed by real-world industry experience.

NECG’s experts have created and helped implement corporate and government strategies, conducted research and studies, written detailed subject matter reports, provided recommendations on marketing and business strategies, provided advice on multiple issues, and provided expert testimony for corporations, law firms, and government authorities. NECG also collaborates with other firms that need deep and specialized nuclear industry expertise for proposals, client engagements, and project execution.

NECG case studies show our work.

NECG experts have global reach and past performance covering all facets of the nuclear industry. NECG experts combine consultancy experience with extensive real-world operational and corporate leadership. NECG experts have worked in the nuclear industry and on nuclear projects around the world at all stages. Our work is informed by extensive experience in nuclear economics, the electricity industry, in electricity industry restructuring, and in assessing the impact of electricity reform on the nuclear power industry.

NECG’s work for a range of clients is supported  by our serious approach to conflicts of interest and Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs).

NECG Engaged at all levels:


Nuclear Industry

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National Nuclear Power Programs

NECG works with governments to develop, evaluate, and implement national programs for nuclear electricity production, high-level nuclear waste, and other nuclear industry activities.  We also work to help governments understand how nuclear power programs fit with electricity industry reform and restructuring.

Nuclear Procurement Programs

Developing and implementing strategies for nuclear procurement programs is critical. NECG provides assistance with supply chain strategies, tender development, bid evaluation, and negotiation of key terms/requirements for nuclear power plant tenders. We work for and with investors, vendors, public institutions/governments, regulators, financial institutions, transportation agents, brokers, and other parties.

Electricity Markets

Power plant investments are based on revenue from electricity sales.  Nuclear power plants, with long development periods and even longer operating lives, require long-term analyses of electricity revenue. NECG provides analyses of electricity revenue under different industry structures.  Electricity revenue from Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) or other contracts is defined by contract terms. Electricity revenue in electricity markets must be assessed through market modelling to estimate project output and market prices over time. In a government or regulated electricity industry, analyses of regulatory processes and capacity expansion alternatives may be required to support an investment and ownership decisions. Electricity revenue also depends on government support schemes and policies.

Nuclear Fuel Cycle

NECG experts provide consulting advice and expert testimony on the nuclear fuel cycle (both front-end and back-end), including:

  • Uranium industry, market prices, and related issues
  • Enrichment markets, prices, technology, and related issues
  • Nuclear fuel fabrication
  • Security of nuclear fuel supply
  • Transportation of class 7 materials, optimizing delivery routes, logistics, and International & intergovernmental permits
  • Multinational repositories for Spent Nuclear Fuel (SNF) and High-Level Waste (HLW)

Thought Leadership & Strategic Communication

NECG provides evidence-based written analyses in the form of white papers, talking points, speeches, etc. for companies or governments. This includes NECG experts speaking on panels, moderating events, participating in press conferences, and related activities. NECG evaluates and facilitates strategic planning.  NECG experts have been a sounding board for countries seeking to develop or implement strategies related to the nuclear industries.  NECG’s policy analyses are supported by NECG’s economic and technical analyses and nuclear industry experience.


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Nuclear Power Projects

NECG’s work with nuclear power projects is based on decades of work with power projects in both regulated and liberalized energy markets.  NECG’s experience with conventional Independent Power Projects (IPPs) and merchant power projects gives us useful insight into issues faced by merchant nuclear projects. Nuclear power plant owners, investors, lenders, vendors, and other parties need sound advice on a range of issues.  NECG provides advice on appropriate financial/ownership/contractual structures, on risk assessment, on fit with electricity industry, and on other issues.  NECG assesses financial feasibility and bankability of nuclear projects.  NECG also provides advice on regulatory and licensing requirements for new nuclear power plant projects in multiple countries, on preparedness of nuclear infrastructure in new nuclear countries, and on project compliance with national localization requirements or targets.

SMR and Advanced Reactors

NECG experts have been involved in small and advanced reactor concepts at multiple levels. This work has included advice to small modular reactor (SMR) and advanced reactor companies and investors, advice to governments consider support for these small and advanced reactors, and involvement in academic efforts to study these new designs. NECG experts have been on advisory boards of start-up SMR and advanced reactor companies.

Due Diligence for Investments and Transactions

Detailed, quantitative, and independent assessment of nuclear power projects is needed by owners, investors, lenders, regulators and other parties in a nuclear power plant project or transaction. NECG provides credible third-party validation and assessments of the financial, regulatory, labor, market, international relations, and localization issues facing nuclear projects. NECG provides qualitative assessments of organization and governance structures and programmatic risks.  NECG provides detailed analyses and research on nuclear industry issues that arise in transactions.

Stakeholder Engagement Programs

NECG experts help develop and/or evaluate public information programs to support new and existing nuclear power plant and fuel cycle industry projects.  NECG provides significant support to industry or governmental campaigns by raising awareness and educating stakeholders using our detailed industry knowledge and by developing insightful analyses and reports. NECG is not a lobbying organization.

Special Projects

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Expert Testimony in Litigation and Arbitration

NECG provides consulting and testifying expertise in nuclear regulatory disputes, litigation cases, and international arbitration cases.  Our testimony typically covers economic and damages issues, but also includes industry expertise and other topics.

Regulatory Approvals and Rate Cases

Nuclear power investments are recovered through rates by traditional regulated and government utilities. NECG assists in the regulatory approval process by providing analyses of prudence and economic soundness of a nuclear power project investment.


NECG experts have been retained to provide formal and informal appraisals of nuclear power plants and other nuclear industry assets, companies, and activities.  NECG’s work in nuclear project valuation is based on detailed economic models of project cash flows.


NECG provides advice on other nuclear industry issues not discussed above. Our deep knowledge of nuclear industry issues allows us to help clients with unusual or unique issues.  An example is assisting an industrial client with a market entry strategy for a product for nuclear power industry.