John Warden – NECG Affiliate

John Warden is currently involved in advising and structuring a number of projects for deployment of small modular and advanced reactor technologies.  He has a varied background in reactor physics, nuclear submarine operations and strategic workforce development.   John was formerly CEO of the Nuclear Institute and has been a member of a number of UK government and industry technical and skills advisory groups.

John Warden detailed CV (PDF)

John was the UK representative for the IAEA’s International Arctic Seas Assessment Project which examined the environmental impact of multiple submarine reactors dumped in the Arctic during the Soviet era; the project ran over several years and involved scientists from the US, UK, Norway, Russia and Finland.  During a career in the Royal Navy, John Warden was a submariner, a qualified PWR operator, and supervisor and engineer of the RN’s shore-based training reactor.  John also lectured at Masters level in reactor physics to Navy and civilian personnel and developed a number of training and assessment courses for reactor operators and maintainers.  Working closely with the US Navy, John led the introduction of innovative technology for RN submarine training and doctrine development.

John has an MA in Physics from the University of Oxford, an MSc in Astrophysics from Queen Mary College London, a postgraduate diploma in Nuclear Reactor Technology and an MBA from the Open University. He is a Chartered Engineer, Chartered Physicist, Fellow of the Nuclear institute and Fellow of the Institute of Physics.

Outside nuclear consulting, John is Chairman of the Aston Martin Heritage Trust, a global automotive charity.

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