NECG works directly for our clients, but we also collaborate seamlessly with other firms to serve their clients, often under the other firm’s brand.

NECG is a reliable partner, acting as an on-demand nuclear economics and nuclear industry practice for firms that need more nuclear industry capability and expertise to serve clients.

Nuclear Industry Requires Specialized Expertise

Nuclear industry consulting projects rely on a large and complex body of scientific, technical, engineering, commercial, economic, regulatory, and legal information.  The nuclear industry, more than most industries, requires detailed knowledge and information that may not be easily obtained, analyzed, or used to support recommendations.

Nuclear industry detailed knowledge is changing as international vendors develop unique offerings to compete for market share, as new electricity industry structures and approaches are adopted and refined, as nuclear safety regulator approaches change, as new technology is developed and adopted, and as new small and advanced reactors companies move toward commercial feasibility.

NECG’s specialized team of experienced nuclear industry professionals help with complex nuclear industry commercial/business/market issues and ensure a successful nuclear industry consulting engagement.  NECG provides nuclear industry expertise for other firms that may not have a full-time nuclear industry practice.

NECG collaborates with a range of firms

NECG works on nuclear-sector client projects with economic and management consulting firms. law firms, engineering firms, public relations firms, nuclear industry organizations, government agencies, and other entities.

Why collaborate with NECG?

NECG helps other firms by providing:

Expertise – NECG’s expertise is based on direct industry work experience, consulting projects, research for papers and reports, expert testimony in litigation/arbitration cases, and other activities. NECG’s international experts have spent most of their careers in corporate leadership roles in the nuclear industry.

Credibility – NECG experts’ stature, tenure in the industry, and industry expertise adds credibility and gravitas to nuclear industry proposals and engagements.

Industry insiders – NECG experts know and are known by the nuclear industry. NECG’s experts take leadership roles in industry groups and appear at industry conferences and events.  Our familiarity with nuclear industry terms, acronyms, and jargon allows us to clearly communicate with clients.

Rapid Response – NECG’s deep and current nuclear industry knowledge allows us to provide quick and thoughtful answers to key questions and to develop useful insights into strategic issues. NECG experts provide fast (and correct) responses to questions that would take days or weeks for a generalist consultant to research and answer.

Lower cost – NECG experts are less expensive than generalist consultants that need to learn about the industry during a client engagement. Even when NECG conducts detailed research to support views and opinions, we focus that research in a cost-effective manner.

Robust analyses – NECG’s experts use our experience and deep knowledge to start engagements with informed hypotheses that keeps consulting engagements on track and focused on relevant issues.  We frame issues and topics based on our industry experience, but also help clients think outside the box.

Client interaction – NECG experts participate in client meetings to provide expert insights, to present detailed findings, and to address client nuclear industry questions.

Effective communication – NECG experts present opinions and findings issues in organized and well-structured reports.  NECG experts have written consulting reports, prepared and made presentations, delivered litigation / arbitration expert testimony, researched and written papers for publication, and spoken at industry events.

Seamless part of team – NECG experts act as an integrated part of the collaboration partner’s team. NECG may collaborate by having one or more individual experts on the client team or may collaborate as a “virtual consultant” that combining the skills and experience of several NECG experts behind the scene.