A selection of NECG’s recent client work, published articles, presentations, and other items that highlight our work and our thought leadership.

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51st Japan Atomic Industrial Forum (JAIF) Conference, Tokyo, 9 April 2018

Edward Kee made a presentation on the experience with nuclear power and electricity deregulation in the USA

Economic and Market Challenges Facing the
U.S. Nuclear Commercial Fleet – Cost and Revenue Study

NECG was a part of this new study sponsored by ESSAI

Global Energy Leaders Podcast

Edward Kee talks about the early retirement of U.S. nuclear power plants

2017 EIA Energy Conference

Edward Kee was part of the The future of U.S. nuclear power panel.

Gowling Briefing

Edward Kee, in cooperation with Paul Murphy of the Gowling WLG law firm, gave a presentation on “Market and economic assessment of nuclear power –focus on Canada and USA” on 28 Feb 2017 at Gowling’s office in Toronto.

South Australian Parliament

NECG was retained in late 2016 by the Joint Parliamentary Committee on Findings of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission to provide a review (View PDF) of the Jacobs MCM Report on the commercial feasibility of a multinational high-level nuclear waste repository located in South Australia.

South Australia

U.S. Department of Energy

In early October 2016, NECG assisted DOE to develop a report on the economic and market challenges facing the U.S. nuclear power fleet.

Economic and Market Challenges Facing the U.S. Nuclear Commercial Fleet (cover)

“Market Failure” and Nuclear Power

On 4 August 2016, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists published an Opinion piece by Edward Kee about the flawed US market approach to nuclear power and ways to fix this market failure.

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (BAS)

Carbon Pricing Not Enough to Help Nuclear Power

Viewpoint by Edward Kee; World Nuclear News, 8 June 2016

This viewpoint explains why politically feasible carbon pricing is too little, too late, and too uncertain to financially support nuclear power.  Instead, direct compensation to nuclear power for clean energy and other attributes will be required. This Viewpoint is based on a presentation given by Edward Kee at the IFNEC/NEA Nuclear Finance Conference in Paris in May 2016.

World Nuclear News (WNN)

ANS Special Committee on Nuclear in the States

Edward Kee is a member of this Special Committee. A Nuclear Toolkit was developed that provides a wide range of ideas that may help states prevent additional early retirement of existing nuclear units and to help new nuclear projects. Version 1 of the The ANS Toolkit was released on 8 February 2016. Version 2 of the ANS Toolkit was released in June 2016.

ANS Announcement | View PDF

ANS - Nuclear in the States (NIS) Toolkit

Impact of Carbon Pricing on Nuclear Power Projects

IFNEC Nuclear Financing Conference, Paris, 12 May 2016


NECG at 49th Annual JAIF Conference

April 12-13 2016.  Presentation Slides (View PDF)

JAIF - Japan Atomic Industrial Forum