Nuclear Pathfinders

An informal collaboration of independent expert consultancy firms with a focus on the nuclear power sector.
Through collaboration, we offer significant advantages for our clients:

Each firm has its own expertise in specialist areas – see our members list below for details.

Nuclear Pathfinder members, our firms are able to collaborate both individually and across the group to offer greater breadth and depth than each individual firm can provide, adding substantial value for clients and their projects. Each firm can call on the wider network of Nuclear Pathfinder consultants which covers all parts of the nuclear life cycle and provides expertise in emerging technologies, in each case with access to and experience with markets in US, UK, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and South America.

Nuclear Pathfinder clients gain flexible access to agile, expert, and cost-effective advice on all aspects of the nuclear sector.

Contact any of our member firms to find out more.

Nuclear Economics Consulting Group – Edward Kee (, +1 (202) 370-7713) – based in Washington DC USA – focus on economic analysis and expert witness testimony.

Greensabre Consulting – John Warden (, +44 7595 270001) – based in London, UK – focus on ???.

QENIQ Advisory – Rudiger Koenig (, +49 172 868 8800) – based in Germany – focus on ??? – Member of the EU Industrial SMR Alliance.

Blue Sky Nuclear – Jay Brister (, +1 (803) 322-4751) – based in Kansas, USA – focus on nuclear fusion