NECG in the mediaExperts
Momentum Builds for UK Government to Self-Fund New Nuclear Plants - gtm (green tech media), 15 Jan 2020NECG
A Look Ahead for Nuclear Energy in 2020 - Neutron Bytes, 21 December 2019NECG
Edward Kee Titans of Nuclear interview - released on 22 October 2019Edward Kee
Nuclear Advocates Receive DOE Funding for Exploratory Study on Puerto Rico - Morning Consult, 1 October 2019Paul Murphy
Putting the New in Nuclear: Small Modular Reactors - Part 2 - Uranium Investing News, 16 September 2019Paul Murphy
Roadblock for US nuclear power? - Atlantic Council EnergySource, 20 March 2019Melissa Hersh, Edward Kee
Debate Continues: Can New Technology Save Nuclear Power? - Power Magazine, 1 January 2019Edward Kee
Interest in Small Modular Nuclear Reactors is growing. So are fears they aren’t viable - green tech media, 14 March 2018Edward kee
Experts: Bankable projects to unlock Africa's industrialization aspirations - The New Times, 10 November 2017Fabienne Pehuet Lucet
Let’s Talk Government Ownership of Unprofitable Nuclear Power Plants - Kleinman Center for Energy Policy, 2 November 2017Edward Kee
Why More Flexible Operation Won’t Save US Nuclear Power Plants - green tech media, 30 October 2017Edward Kee
EIA panel: Nuke financial woes are ‘market failure' - UtilityDive, 27 June 2017Edward Kee
Nuclear power is booming in Asia as US industry struggles -, 8 May 2017Edward Kee
Here’s Why the US Nuclear Industry is in Jeopardy -, 24 February 2017Edward Kee
Financial woes of Westinghouse parent company worry US nuclear industry - Nucleonics Week, 9 February 2017Edward Kee, Margaret Harding, Edward Davis
Can our need for a carbon-free future override our fears of nuclear energy? - The Guardian, US Edition, 12 September 2016Edward Kee
Exelon’s purchase of FitzPatrick likely to boost profitability, analysts say - Nucleonics Week, 11 August 2016Edward Kee
NECG: Only USG Can Repair Market Failure, Preserve NPPs - Fuel Cycle Week, 23 June 2016Edward Kee
Study on Market Prospects, Financing Challenges and Alternative Solutions in New Nuclear Power Projects - KEPCO Journal on Electric Power and Energy , 30 March 2016Fabienne Pehuet Lucet
Saudi Arabia’s Nuclear Plans May Be Hobbled by U.S. Law - Fuel Cycle Week; 20 August 2015Edward Kee
Decision Time looms for Saudi Arabia on nuclear power - Arabian Business, 18 August 2015Edward Kee
Cheap natural gas might doom new FERMI nuke plant - Detroit Free Press; 23 February 2015.Edward Kee
South Africa Still Laying Groundwork
For 9.6GW Nuclear Procurement
- Fuel Cycle Week, 25 September 2014
Edward Kee
Natural gas glut crimps nuclear power - The Christian Science Monitor and, 8 May 2013Edward Kee
Rush to Natural Gas Has Coal-Fired Utilities Seeing Red - Wall Street Journal, 24 January 2013Edward Kee
US NRC order could delay decision on new nuclear reactor licensing - S&P Global Platt’s, 20 August 2012Edward Kee
US Nuclear Industry's Fate Rests with Southern Company - Thompson/Reuters Moneynews, 15 February 2012Edward Kee
Miners See Mixed Effects in Frail Economy, Falling Dollar - Fuel Cycle Week, 11 August 2011Edward Kee
Japan nuclear crisis under review at 2-month mark - CNN, 11 May 2011Margaret Harding
U.S. Will Build Five New Nuclear Reactors by 2020, BNEF Says - Bloomberg, 4 April 2011Edward Kee
Asia’s Nuclear Energy Boom has Potential to be America’s First Wave - Nuclear Town Hall - Newsmakers, 13 January 2011Edward Kee
Duke to Buy Progress Energy for $13.7 Billion - New York Times – Deal Book, 10 January 2011.Edward Kee
Why new build won’t happen here - Fuel Cycle Week, 8 September 2010Edward Kee
Asia to lead the shift to Nuclear Power - IQPC, 1 September 2010Edward Kee
Korean Group's UAE Victory Surprises Few Nuke Insiders - Fuel Cycle Week, 6 January 2010Edward Kee
Timing Uncertain for Federal Nuclear Loan Guarantees - Power Engineering International, January 2010Edward Kee
AREVA's ambitions - Africa Intelligence, 18 November 2006Fabienne Pehuet Lucet
Some Environmentalists Warming Up to Nuclear Power - National Public Radio Talk of the Nation, 2 June 2006Andrew Kadak
New Nukes - Florida Trend, 1 March 2006Edward Kee
Will Monti Pull the Plug on [Nuclear] State Aid? - Wall Street Journal Europe, 15 December 2003Edward Kee
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