Richard Myers

Richard Myers - NECG Affiliate

Richard Myers – NECG Affiliate

Richard Myers is a writer, analyst, conference speaker and consultant on policy and strategy, specializing in energy and environmental policy. He has spent over 40 years working at the intersection of politics, technology, policy, economics, regulation and finance. Myers spent almost 30 years with the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI), the last 10 as vice president of policy and planning. Before that, he worked for almost 15 years as a reporter and editor with The Energy Daily. Myers has a unique combination of journalistic and corporate experience, extensive experience with a wide range of policy issues and political matters, and a broad base of knowledge across the entire energy business. He has organized and managed legislative campaigns, developed policy initiatives to address industry challenges, and directed public affairs and advocacy efforts. He is well-known and well-regarded for his communications skill, for his ability to take complex subjects and express them in simple straightforward conversational prose, and for his habit of challenging the conventional wisdom.

Myers has extensive experience with a wide range of policy issues and political matters, including:


  • Restructuring of the electricity industry and the emergence of merchant nuclear generators.
  • Worked with congressional staff and the electric industry on the 2003 Energy Policy Act, which was not enacted, and the 2005 Energy Policy Act, which was
  • Managed nuclear industry legislative campaign to obtain financial incentives for new nuclear plant construction in 2005 Energy Policy Act (worked with congressional staff and industry executives to develop legislative proposals, developed lobbying materials, etc.)
  • Developed the nuclear industry’s legislative agenda during Congressional consideration of climate change legislation in 2008-2009.


  • Directed the industry’s programs to implement the nuclear-related provisions in the 2005 Energy Policy Act, including establishment of the loan guarantee program authorized by Title XVII.
  • Developed the nuclear industry’s position on the Clean Power Plan.
  • During restructuring of the electricity industry, managed industry input on Nuclear Regulatory Commission rulemakings (e.g., financial qualifications, decommissioning funding).
  • Managed major revisions to the Department of Energy’s nuclear export control regulations (10 CFR Part 810).
  • Managed a range of NEI programs designed to ensure recognition of environmental value of nuclear power – g., CleanPower Plan, campaign to influence development of Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) Model Rule.
  • Led industry initiatives on tax-related issues (g., nuclear production tax credit, new tax rules for decommissioning trust funds).

Competitive Markets

  • Led NEI efforts on competitive market design, market policies and practices, and efforts to preserve existing nuclear generating capacity.


  • Responsible for nuclear trade issues, including Section 123 Agreements for Nuclear Cooperation, reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank, etc.

Strategic Planning

  • Developed and managed the NEI’s annual business plan and strategic planning.

Financial Community

  • Developed and managed NEI’s liaison with the financial community.
  • Responsible for NEI’s annual briefing for Wall Street electricity analysts.

Public Affairs

  • Managed staff of public affairs professionals (editorial, graphic design, media relations, etc.) responsible for industry’s advocacy programs, including:
  • Production of magazine, newsletters, position papers, advocacy pieces, speeches, etc. on major industry issues targeted at policy-makers and media.
  • Production of materials for industry use with general public.
  • Managed “early warning” system to ensure industry public affairs professionals adequately prepared for major events.
  • Conducted media relations and third-party advocacy program.
  • Designed public affairs programs to support license renewal and siting of major nuclear facilities, including low-level waste disposal facilities.

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