Edward Kee - NECGEdward D. Kee

CEO and Principal Consultant

Mr. Kee is an expert in nuclear economics with a focus on the interaction between nuclear power and the electricity industry. Mr. Kee has provided advice to governments, investors, regulators, regulated and unregulated electricity companies, nuclear companies and other parties.

NECG Affiliates*

Edward Davis - NECG AffiliateEdward M. Davis

NECG Affiliate

With over 40 years of nuclear industry experience in a number of senior management roles, Edward Davis has a wide range of knowledge on energy and environmental issues both domestic and internationally. Mr. Davis has a keen understanding of governmental policymaking, regulatory compliance, state rate making, as well as legislative and political affairs and experience in engineering, business development, project finance, marketing, and strategic planning. Currently serving as President and Managing Director of the Pegasus Group, he is a subject matter expert in his field and has testified before Congress and State Public Utility Commissions on nuclear energy issues.

Tim Frazier

NECG Affiliate

Tim is a recognized international expert on the back end of the nuclear fuel cycle and has spoken internationally on the subject.  He managed the President’s Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future for the Department of Energy.

Amjad Ghori - NECG AffiliateAmjad Ghori

NECG Affiliate

Amjad is a seasoned Financial Advisory Executive with more than 25 years of banking and development finance experience gained from leading and closing multiple “First-of-a-Kind” power, transportation and social infrastructure projects on a global basis.  Since 2008, Amjad has also been very active in the nuclear sector having lead Financial Advisory teams in NPP transactions in Bulgaria, Lithuania and Finland working on behalf of private sector clients.

Margaret Harding - NECG AffiliateMargaret Harding

NECG Affiliate

Margaret Harding has worked in the nuclear industry for more than 34 years and advises clients on quality, regulatory, technical, and business issues within the nuclear industry. Before starting her own firm, Margaret worked for GE for 27 years departing as Vice President of Engineering Quality in their Nuclear Energy division. Margaret received an ANS special award for media and communications for her role in communicating events at Fukushima and has appeared on NBC, Fox News, CNN and many others. She has co-authored a paper on the effect of Fukushima on the nuclear industry. Working with ANS, Margaret regularly leads a session for legislative staff on Export Control, the NPT, and related technology issues. She is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Iowa State University where she teaches an innovative class called Nuclear Energy in Society. The class reviews the Political, Economic, Social, and Technology implications of nuclear energy in society in the U.S. and globally.

Melissa Hersh - NECG AffiliateMelissa S. Hersh

NECG Affiliate

Melissa S. Hersh brings 20 years of experience operating at the nexus of commercial and public sector policy and operations. Her areas of expertise include: global public health and biosecurity, Unmanned Systems (drones), disaster preparedness and response, and nuclear energy. As a noted risk expert, Ms. Hersh regularly advises governments, IGOs and Fortune 500 companies on risk across a variety of sectors. She comes to the Stimson Center while serving as the Principal of Hersh Consulting, LLC, a boutique risk consultancy based in Washington, DC advising clients in aerospace, defense, and security, nuclear energy and extractives, transport and logistics and global health issues including CBRNE.

Andrew C. Kadak - NECG AffiliateAndrew C. Kadak, Ph.D.

NECG Affiliate

Dr. Kadak has a diverse background ranging from day-to-day operations of nuclear plants to senior executive utility management to teaching in the Nuclear Science and Engineering Department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr. Kadak has led license renewal of operating reactors, systematic evaluation of older plants to allow them to demonstrate compliance to new regulations, financial rate proceedings to assure adequate capital for safe operation, innovative fuel purchase agreements, high level nuclear waste disposal, and storage solutions. His technical background has allowed him to actively direct regulatory strategy dealing with reactor vessel embrittlement, safety analyses, boiling water reactor pipe replacements and how to manage aging of nuclear plants. He presently consults on decommissioning of nuclear plants and has served on safety review boards of nuclear utilities. Dr. Kadak also served on the Senior Nuclear Safety Oversight Board of the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Stations in Guangdong Province, China. Internationally, he participated in an IAEA inspection of the Onagawa Nuclear Power Station after the Fukushima nuclear accident.

Rudy Koenig - NECG AffiliateRuediger W. Koenig

NECG Affiliate

Rudy Koenig is an independent advisor and interim manager serving investors and suppliers in clean energy markets. In his 30 year international career he has held multiple executive responsibilities, structuring lean business operations and complex business transactions in large capital projects. His experience spans the energy value chain and includes activities in nuclear, solar and biomass.

In nuclear, he has been a key player in the European new build program where he helped develop, implement and ultimately sell several new build projects, with a potential capacity of 6 GWe, in several countries for a utility investor. He has also served as Chairman of the New Build Task Force at FORATOM, the European nuclear industry association. Earlier, Mr. Koenig gained extensive supply-side experience in the front- and back-end of the nuclear fuel cycle and in decommissioning and remediation.

Alex Michshenko - NECG AffiliateAlex Michshenko

NECG Affiliate

Alex Michshenko is an independent nuclear industry consultant with over ten years of unique experience in nuclear energy market analysis, transportation & logistics, front – and – back end, non-standard material processing, and thorough knowledge of mining and processing facilities in Central Asia and the broader CIS region. Since 2005 he has worked on the industry’s most ambitious projects with the world’s leading companies involved in industrial engineering (Siemens, AG), growth markets (Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange), uranium mining & nuclear fuel services (JSC Kazatomprom and NUKEM). Mr. Michshenko holds Bachelor of Science degrees in International Economics and History from the University of Tennessee and is a Reserve Officer in the U.S. Air Force. He is a Founding Partner of Sary Arka Business Solutions – a VA based global team of leading industry experts, focused on expanding ties between the U.S. and Central Asia.


Carlos Pabon-Agudelo - NECG AffiliateCarlos Pabon-Agudelo

NECG Affiliate

Carlos Pabon-Agudelo is a regulatory economist providing policy analysis, advice, and litigation support to energy and other infrastructure-related clients in Latin America and around the world. He has special expertise in utility regulation, market restructuring, structure and implementation of commercial and financing strategies, and assessment of liability and damages in litigation and international disputes. For over 20 years, Mr. Pabon has worked with governments, state-owned utilities, and corporations in Latin America, South Asia, Africa, Europe, and the US.

Fabienne Pehuet - NECG AffiliateFabienne Pehuet

NECG Affiliate

Fabienne Pehuet is a nuclear markets expert with expertise in Energy Policies and Strategies, Nuclear Programs Development, Nuclear Industry and its supply chain, Nuclear Waste management and Decommissioning, Nuclear Power Plant Projects, Nuclear Fuel Cycle markets and projects, and Uranium Mining. She wrote “Financing Nuclear Power Plants Projects: a new paradigm?” published by IFRI in 2015 and contributes to International Conferences (FRS, OECD/AEN, IISS).

Vijay Sazawal - NECG AffiliateVijay K. Sazawal, Ph.D.

NECG Affiliate

With 40 years of nuclear industry experience in managing projects across the entire fuel cycle covering advanced reactor systems (Westinghouse), back-end (Cogema) and front-end (USEC), Dr. Sazawal has either led or participated at senior management levels in numerous government nuclear programs both nationally and internationally. He is particularly knowledgeable about government policymaking, promotion of civil nuclear exports, and international nuclear commerce. He was a subject matter expert on the U.S.-India civil nuclear agreement for the U.S. India Business Council (USIBC), and continues to maintain contact at the highest levels of both governments on the subject. He also served for two terms on the Civil Nuclear Trade Advisory Committee (CINTAC) of the U.S. Department of Commerce. Dr. Sazawal has given numerous lectures on prospects for the U.S. civil nuclear exports at various prestigious institutions, including Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Alexander Superfin - NECG AffiliateAlexander Superfin

NECG Affiliate

Alexander Superfin is an engineering and project management executive with over 35 years of experience in energy and infrastructure industry.  His areas of expertise include international project development, business planning, EPC execution, project and program management; preparation, appraisal and execution of investment projects; economic analysis, feasibility and optimization studies.  He has worked extensively with government organizations and private sector companies internationally, including Canada, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Poland, Croatia, Hungary, Bosnia, Albania.

* NECG Affiliates provide expertise and capabilities in nuclear power and related industries. Affiliates are independent contractors to NECG and no employment or agency relationship exists between an Affiliate and NECG.